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Visa. MasterCard, American Express and Discover we take them all

Visa. MasterCard, American Express and Discover we take them all

Visa. MasterCard, American Express and Discover we take them all

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Who is this??

Who is this?

 Who is this guy?

I am Glenn Hendricks, alias G.H. I own, operate, created, and run Glenn Hendricks Music Group.  You can call me Mister Big, The King, Man at the TOP, Fearless Leader Head Honcho ... Just Kidding,  how about Glenn,  business entrepreneur.  I am the founder of G.H. Music Group.  As you can tell, I like to have fun!!!!


Man of Action

Man of Action!!

 So what's my story?

I'm a musician, guitar player, have been all my life. Spent most of my road days running rock bands around the Midwest.  Moved to LA in the late 80's and graduated from Heavy Metal High, AKA, GIT, Musicians Institute.  I know, not another one of those guys.  Hey when I went you really had to be able to play.

That's me Monkey boy, hard at work

That's me Monkey boy, hard at work

So Monkey boy, how did you get in the  Music Biz?

It was easy, after GIT,  I needed a real job, so I went to work at a music store.  Worked there about 10 years, then one day said, wouldn't it be nice to work for myself. So I took my knowledge and skills and decided to open G.H.M.G.  

I'm a Happy Guy!!

Happy Guy

Hey, you're a happy guy, what's ahbeeeeeeee?

Life is meant to be fun, sometimes you have to work at it, to keep that in mind.  Lately I've been working at it pretty hard, but that's ok, I live by this motto.

Life's battles don't always go To the stronger or faster man.
But sooner or later the man who wins is the one who thinks he can.

In my case I know I can.


Tell us more, Army Brat

Army Brat

Tell us More

Ok, I'm a Army brat, born on the east coat and actually grew up as a kid at the Army Military Academy  West Point N.Y.

From there we moved to Minnesota, Ya sure you betcha, don't ya know.  

80's Rock n Roll will never die in the Midwest, It's like stepping back in a time capsule. 


Army boy says, I want you to join my email list!!!

Speaking of the Army
G.H. says
I want you to join my mail list

Join my Email List

The Pitch, Join my Email List, Shop my store

Ya, you're a great guy and all that, but why should I join your list and shop at your store?

Because I need the Money? :0)
Seriously, join because it will save you Money, the email list gets all my best pricing on products that can't be advertise at these prices on my web site.

Why should you shop my store?
Simple, I'm going to deliver the best service, price and products with integrity and honesty.  Plus an ample amount of my off the wall humor to keep you coming back. 

So, now you know my story, I hope together we can write the next chapter.  To me the basic fundamental of success is based upon one word trust, without your trust I can not succeed.  This is the foundation of my business model, build a trusting relationship with my customers and both of us will enjoy great success.

Now lets go write that next chapter.

Thank You,


Glenn Hendricks

Glenn Hendricks Music Group

Comments or questions:   Email- gh@ghmusicgroup.com

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